Getting to Know Dom, One Question at a Time

1. Tell us your top two simple pleasures.Well, here I am, a sex blogger and erotica writer who is a little obsessed with mastering her own clit, so, is it surprising to say that my top simple pleasure is masturbation?

If I want to feel pleasure, or if I am stressed and want to relax without popping a Xanax, I will masturbate.

I masturbate every single day.

I bet a few of you out there reading do, too, or at least do it most days.

My other top simple pleasure?

Watching TV.

As a writer, I hate to admit this, how much TV I watch, but I am a binger – I will pick a TV show and watch the entire thing, because I love storytelling, and tell myself that this actually helps me as a writer.

Also, it’s fun to masturbate while you’re watching TV!

2. You are being offered a day of pleasure but you must choose one of the following to do. Which would you choose?
a. Sex
b. Watching big sports match/game
c. Fun times with good friends

I choose A. A day of sex.

I actually had a day of almost nothing but sex in a hotel room with my boyfriend last month and it was exquisite to spend so many hours naked together, wrapped up in each other, touching and loving and fucking each other.

3. The sun shining through your window in the morning–annoyance or pleasure?

Definitely a pleasure for me.

I used to work third shift, for four years, so I was used to sleeping during the day in a room without blackout blinds, and it never bothered me and still doesn’t.

4. If you uttered the words “pleasure me” to your lover, what would you want to happen?

Well, this is a loaded question.

If I asked my lover to pleasure me I’d want him to start at my neck, kissing me from my earlobes, down my neck to my breasts, and I’d want him to linger there sucking and biting at my nipples hard, the way I like it.

I’d want him to kiss me down my chest and all over my stomach, down to the mound of my pussy where he slides his tongue between my lips and finds my clit to flick and nibble until I cum…

I could elaborate, but I feel that needs its own post 😉

5. Tell us one thing you were most grateful for last week?

Making some progress on getting my teenage daughter signed up for disability.

I know, not sexy at all, but hey, I’m a real person with a real life, and sometimes it’s bullshit and hard.

This is my first time linking up with TMI Tuesday – I love these sorts of “getting to know you” memes, and plan to participate weekly!

Featured Photo by Dainis Graveris on Unsplash


  1. Helen March 31, 2022 at 8:16 pm

    Yep, I’m definitely one for a regular solo sesh too. The way I see it is this – my body, my rules. If I want to give it pleasure, I will!

    I’ve never masturbated in front of the TV before, though blowjobs in front of the TV are another matter. I don’t know what provokes me to do it exactly, but something does!

    I’m sorry to hear about your plight for disability for your daughter. I should imagine that the laws across the pond are different to the UK, but I should also imagine that it’s no less stressful. If you need someone to rant to who has been through the (UK) system several times, I’m here.

  2. slave sindee March 31, 2022 at 9:07 pm

    very nice

  3. thelatephoenix April 1, 2022 at 9:03 pm

    hello, fellow writer, and welcome to TMIT!!! i love TV, too. watching TV is the only thing i was born to do. i’ve never masturbated while watching TV but it sounds like fun. i’m imagining the next time i watch Three’s Company…

  4. TMI Tuesday blog April 4, 2022 at 4:34 pm

    1. You are so efficient or a hedonist 😀

    2. That’s good day.

    4. Whew! It has gotten very HOT in here.
    (hard bites to the nipples…yessss!)

    5. Woot! I am happy for you. I know in the States it can be a full-time job trying to get a loved one much needed assistance.

    Thank you for sharing with us this TMI Tuesday.


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