I Popped a College Virgin’s Cherry

Short erotica from the male’s POV.

Joey smiled as he shoved the thumbtack into the cork board in the middle of the student commons building, hanging the last of the fliers he had made on his computer the night before.

It hadn’t been a whim. This was something Joey had been fantasizing about doing for ages, but now it was his senior year of college, graduation was just around the corner and he was running out of time to make this fantasy a reality.

It was a nondescript and cheeky poster, headed in bold: DO YOU HAVE SOMETHING TO LOSE?

And then, the text wrapped around the most flattering photo of Joey:

“Still a college virgin? I’m an experienced senior looking to take the virginity of any willing, naughty girl. If you like what you see, pick an appointment time and come to Hanaford Hall, Room 208 — I will be waiting to pleasure you and pop that cherry.”

Fluttering at the bottom of the flier, instead of his phone number there were appointment times: Monday, 8pm, Monday, 11pm, Tuesday, 8pm, et cetera.

To be honest, Joey wasn’t expecting anything to come of this. He figured that anyone who saw the flier would think it was a total joke — a joke played on him, even — but he did it anyway, because what did he have to lose?

Joey shouldered his bag and left the building, heading to his dorm room where he had a long day and night of studying for finals ahead.

He buried himself into his books, getting lost in his work and didn’t even realize that the sun had begun to set.

It was full dark and his room was lit only by the small lamp on his desk when Joey heard a soft knock on his door.

He looked up from his books and listened, and the knock came again, a bit louder this time.

Could it be?

No… Joey thought to himself. No, he couldn’t have gotten that lucky so quickly, could he?

Joey sprang from his chair before whoever was out there walked away and went to his door. Taking a deep breath, he pulled it open to see who was there.

“I saw your flier,” she said, holding up a little piece of paper, one of his appointment times, and waved it in his face with a shy smile.

She was perfect.

Short and curvy, long blond hair done up in two pigtail braids, bookish glasses and the hottest outfit he could imagine — a flared short shirt and tight top that was low cut, showing the cleavage busting out of her bra.

“This is room 208 right? You look like the guy in the photo,” she said, and he opened the door wider, his face spreading into a smile.

“Would you like to come in?” Joey asked.

“I’m pretty sure I do,” the girl said.

She stepped past him into the room and he breathed in her scent, a combination of flowery perfume and bubble gum, so innocent, so feminine, and he closed the door behind them, turning to watch her look around his small but neatly kept dorm room.

Joey ran a hand through is hair and sighed looking at her. He couldn’t believe someone had actually come, but he had to play it cool, he couldn’t let her know how nervous he was himself, albeit extremely excited and turned on.

“So, um, how are we going to do this?” the girl asked him.

Without a word, Joey pulled his shirt over his head and dropped his pants and boxers to the ground.

Naked, he hopped onto his bed and laid back, taking his already hard cock in his hand and stroking it up and down slowly.

“You can do whatever you want to me, and I’ll do whatever you want me to do to you,” Joey said.

The girl smiled and nodded. Joey could tell she was shy but excited, and his cock throbbed in his hand as he watched her pull off her tight shirt and reveal a black bra that her voluptuous breasts were practically bursting out of. She unhooked the bra from behind and a set of perfect DD breasts spilled out for him to admire.

The skirt came off next, and wearing only a black thong, she crawled onto Joey’s bed and straddled him, immediately beginning to rub her mound against his cock.

She leaned over and dangled her breasts in his face, and Joey wasted no time taking them both in his hands to fondle and suck. He nibbled at one of her nipples and heard her gasp and she ground against him harder.

Joey could feel the tip of his cock pushing the fabric of her thong out of the way and rubbing against her wet slit, and so he reached down and felt her with his fingers, getting them wet with her juices and rubbing them between her folds and against her clit, making her gasp and sit up suddenly to rip her thong down.

“Is it going to hurt?” she asked him, and Joey shook his head, smiling at her adorable innocence.

But she wasn’t so innocent a moment later when her dripping pussy fell onto his cock, her tightness around him making him groan.

She groaned herself, putting her hands on his chest and leaning back, biting her lip as she slowly swirled her hips around and ground into him.

Joey wrapped his arms around her and grabbed her by the thick ass and lifted her up and down on his cock.

“Oh,” she moaned, her eyes rolling back in her head as she started to use her legs to move up and down on him slowly, then faster.

“Have you ever cum before?” Joey asked her.

“No,” she breathed.

“Not even by yourself?”


Joey thrust into her a few more times, making her grunt and groan, and then expertly flipped her onto her back, pulled out of her, and crawled down the bed to put his head between her legs.

“What are you doing?” she asked, sounding incredulous.

“I’m going to make you cum,” Joey said.

The girl’s pussy was shaved completely bare like so many college girl’s were these days, and Joey took his time slowly licking from the dripping opening of her vagina up to her clit where he lingered a moment, swirling his tongue around it and giving it a gentle suck.

“Oh,” she moaned again, reaching down and putting her hands on Joey’s shoulders, lifting her hips to meet his mouth.

He worked at her slowly, exploring all the deep folds of her pussy and relishing the taste of her as she began to writhe beneath him.

He took that cue to move back up to her clit and he flicked his tongue back and forth and around it as he slipped his middle finger into her pussy and started pumping away at her.

“Oh my God, oh my God,” she cried out, her whole ass raising off the bed as Joey felt her pussy twitch against his face as she came for the first time.

Joey crawled back up the bed and grabbed the girl by both her wrists, holding them above her head as he thrust himself deep into her, and she cried out either in pain or ecstasy, it didn’t matter, he didn’t care, and the look on her face gave him the impression that she didn’t care either, because as he pumped in and out of her she didn’t tell him to stop.

“Do you like this?” Joey asked her, his voice low and dirty. “Do you like me fucking you?”

“Oh, yes,” she moaned.

He pumped into her faster, and the girl’s tight, virgin pussy clenched around his cock with the strength of a fist making Joey gasp and feel himself ready to cum, but he wasn’t willing to cum in a strange girl.

With one last thrust, Joey pulled out of her and kneeled over her chest, his cock slick with her juices as he took it in his hand and started jerking himself off hard and fast.

She stared at Joey’s cock as he stared at her, her face fascinated like it was the first time she’d seen one up close, and her eyes widened even more as Joey’s creamy, white cum exploded out of him and all over her tits.

The girl sat up, a smile on her face as she grabbed him by the ass, opened her mouth and pulled his cock inside as he jerked the rest of his cum directly into the back of her throat.

She licked and sucked at his throbbing cock until it finally began going soft in her mouth and he reluctantly pulled away from her.

She looked down at her cum covered tits and then back up at him with a smile.

“Thank you,” she said.

“I’m here to service you,” Joey said.

Then there was a knock at the door.

“But it looks like your appointment time is up.”

Photo by Chris Liverani on Unsplash

This is my first time linking up with MMM Mondays, and I hope you enjoyed this short bit of erotica!

Thanks for reading!


  1. May More April 5, 2022 at 3:14 pm

    Love the idea of this – and very hot scenario too
    May More x

  2. MrsK April 5, 2022 at 6:19 pm

    Great tale! Very delicious scenario 🙂
    Welcome to Mmm Mondays! I think you’ll fit in well here ❤


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